World Mental Health Day 2022 falls on 10 October

7 Oct 2022
World Mental Health Day


Over the past 12 months, UK residents have faced multiple challenges, most recently the cost of living crisis, a crashing economy, and the continued erosion of the NHS. Last year, NHS Digital reported 4.3 million referrals for common mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression, around 1 million of them for children or adolescents. The backlog has continued to rise in 2022, with many worried as to whether they will be able to make ends meet this year.

Mental health services are notoriously difficult to access, with as many as 1 in 4 adults dealing with a mental health issue each year. Two thirds of therapists accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy say the cost of living crisis is causing a decline in people's mental health, and almost half report clients cutting back on activities that benefit their mental health, such as gym and sport club memberships, due to money worries.

The Liberal Democrats have always campaigned for better funding and access to mental health services, and will continue to do so, alongside campaigning for better funding for the NHS as a whole. In the meantime, we can help each other.

If we have a friend who has been distant lately, or a family member who hasn't seemed themselves, we can reach out and check on them.

We also need to remember to check in on ourselves, and we are often best placed to help others when we have first helped ourselves.

There are many services available for those on an NHS waiting list, or who need somewhere else to turn. - provides services, community support groups, and tips on how to care for your mental wellbeing. - therapy on-the-go, with multiple options on how to access help. - search for a therapist by specialisation and location. - free 24 hour helpline and text line, for when you just need to talk. - text SHOUT to 85258 to access a free, 24 hour crisis team.

Thea Vass, Campaign Organiser, Chesham & Amersham Liberal Democrats